movement . embodiment . wholeness . creativity

The path of creation is a call...

to cultivate a sense of love within and around you,

to listen deeply to the wisdom of your body,

to connect to your soul and trust your inner guidance,

to create community for support as you journey through the unknown,

and to use Earth's resources for nourishment along the way.

However, challenging life experiences and oppressive systems often keep us disconnected, creating and birthing in a state of fear and survival. Our body and nervous system are often functioning in stress and overwhelm, which affects our creative capacity and flow.

As resilient beings, we all have the potential to grow our capacity to hold all of what life brings and function in a state of thrival, and create a better world for future generations. The call to create and move through the rites of passages in life are potent opportunities for us to reaccess our innate power and wholeness - whether its birthing your own Body and Soul, a passion project, or another being,

I help people reconnect to the wisdom and resources that exist in the Earth, Body and Soul, and create an inner environment that will allow creativity and life to happen from a place of love, trust, and knowing.

I guide movement, bodywork and embodiment practices focused on pelvic and womb health to support a reclamation of truth, power and sovereignty. My intention is to hold space for people to feel seen, heard, held, whole and at ease in their body through a non-linear journey of transformation and creativity.

"Ashley dances with nature. She communes with her full body with the sway of trees, undulations of the ocean, power of the sun, and rhythm of mama earths heart beat. Every time she shares her yoga and breathwork sessions with me a part of my womb surrenders. Ashley gives us space to say goodbye to that which does not serve and hello to the possibilities of delicious, delicious creation."