about me

I am a bi-racial, cisgender woman who grew up in Bermuda. I spent much of my life hidden behind protective armour as I learned to conform and use my calm, quiet demeanor to get by in a harsh world, while my inner landscape was in turmoil. Nature, movement, and meditation have been my escape, sanctuary, and greatest teachers on my journey through the underworld.

As a sensitive being, who feels deeply, I still have moments of overwhelm, which is why I am devoted to using and sharing the tools and practices that help me to overcome and grow through the waves of life.

It is an ongoing process to become aware of the ways trauma and conditioning show up for me. I have been on a journey of remembering my wholeness and supporting others in accessing their own capacity to heal for over ten years through movement, bodywork, self inquiry, and embodiment practices.

Curiousity in recent years has lead me to explore how we can maintain a sense of ease and knowing, even during intense moments like childbirth and life as a human in this wild world.

I've learned from experience, observation and study that one way is to gently process past experiences and become aware of old stories and limiting beliefs so we can transform them into self love, resiliency and creativity.

Through the awareness of pelvic and nervous system health, our transformative power and creative capacity can be accessed by all who are ready to remember their wholeness.

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Inspired by

The tools and wisdom I share are inspired by self practice, nature and training in:

YogaSOMATICs Non-linear movement, breathwork, sounding, restorative stillness and mindfulness practices to unwind, reset the nervous system, create feelings of safety and relaxation and awaken inner resources.

EMBODIED TRAUMA-CONSCIOUS REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Impacts of trauma and systemic influences on reproductive health outcomes, the emotional and embodied impact of infertility and pregnancy loss and the importance of healthy parent-infant bonding and attachment.

YOGA FOR PELVIC HEALTH Breath, movement & anatomy for pelvic rehabilitation and birth preparation.

DYNAMIC NEUROMUSCULAR STABILIZATION Original breath mechanics and developmental movements learned naturally as babies to stabilise and move from an integrated core and rehabilitate the body.

SOMATIC EXPERIENCING Moving towards trauma resolution and resiliency through observing and working with the nervous system and body-centered practices to integrate the whole being.

SMC FULL CIRCLE DOULA & BIRTH COMPANION Based on the legacy of the 20th Century African American midwife, and the midwifery model of care through birth and postpartum. SMC principles focus on birth justice, the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of the whole family and bringing ritual, traditional practices and herbal remedies back into the birth place.

BIRTHING FROM WITHIN MENTOR Evidence-based knowledge, storytelling, art & writing inquiry, mindfulness and solution focused coaching for emotional and mental birth preparation to prevent trauma, address fears, reduce stress and anxiety, cope with pain, and access an inner knowing and trust.

"Ashley was hugely supportive throughout my pregnancy. She offered guidance on pain management and relaxation techniques. Her spiritual approach helped give me strength to face my labor journey, understanding the ‘gates’ I would need to get through."

Hannah R.