We are starting to wake up to the reality that most of the systems that we live in — patriarchy, capitalism, misogyny, racism — work to disempower birthing families on many levels. We must move forward with compassion and awareness in order to break harmful patterns, and create new and healthy pathways for future generations.

Currently there is a blatant disregard for the feminine — natural reproductive cycles, the intelligence of the body, the need for holistic community care, and the role of the Earth itself — which some say is linked to the high rates of reproductive system disease, sexual and birth trauma that is experienced in our culture.

The power struggle and mistrust in the feminine can be traced back through centuries of both very public and undercover witch hunts and continue in various forms around the world today.

The beauty is that we all hold within us the power to heal, transform and create.

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Many cultures acknowledge the transition from childhood to adulthood through ritual and initiation. They celebrate people experiencing adolescence and menarch - a person's first bleed - to acknowledge the rite of passage into one who now has access to their creative and sexual power. They are instilled with pride, a knowing of where they come from, and a sense that they are worthy of holding and sharing their power and expression in the world.

In our colonial culture, these thresholds are rarely acknowledged and we no longer have initiations that help us to pass through the transitions of life with a sense of pride and responsibility. Its important that we find creative ways to honor ourselves and children in these moments.

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Sun Seed Community

I am a mixed person that passes as white in my community.
I have white privilege AND I have a Black body.
I may seem calm and serene on the outside and I AM that by nature.
I am also boiling with a rage and grief that often consumes my Black body.
The same rage that boiled inside my mother when I was a child.
A rage that I absorbed and inherited that literally creates boils under my arms when not expressed.
The same way boils form under my mothers arms when she's stressed.

I may seem quiet and comfortable in silence, and its true I AM that.
And I’m using all my energy to soothe the trauma that takes over my Black body.

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"I can not say enough wonderful things about my experience with Ashley during my first pregnancy. I found a beautiful pure mirror in front of me. I will never forget that amazing journey. I was in a piece of heaven and Ashley was my angel."