the call

'We are being called, collectively and individually, to reconnect to the body & Earth, our innate wisdom, and natural cycles.'

Centering Pelvis

Workshop Series

An exploration of movement and anatomy for core integration and pelvic health. To center, unwind and become familiar with the parts of you that contain your CREATIVE POWER and INNER KNOWING.

anatomy, embodiment, breathwork

functional, fluid, restorative movement

somatic inquiry, self massage, pelvic mapping

yoni steaming, herbal teas, journaling

sharing circles

Feburary 13 - March 13

April 24 - May 22


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Movement & Embodiment

One on One Sessions

A series of private sessions that include intuitive and personalised guidance, with focus on Pelvic Health and Womb Wellness.

We begin and end each session with a check in and somatic practices to bring us into the present moment while becoming familiar with the inner landscape of the body and self, and invite a sense of safety.

We explore developmental and functional movements to create a foundation of integrated core strength and resiliency in the tissues. Along with playful explorations of fluid motion, breath and myofacial unwinding. Always with an awareness of the body's sensations and signals to encourage movement from a place of trust and knowing.

Sliding scale available & exchange welcome

Online or in Bermuda

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the descent

'Birth is a rite of passage that is both very individual and one that requires a caring and continuous support system on the journey through the unknown.'

Birth Companionship

Full Circle Birth (Doula) Companionship for pregnant people and families preparing for conception, birth and postpartum. Traditional and Holistic care and support, with focus on ensuring a healthy body-mind and pregnancy, a positive birth outcome and a strong bond with baby.

For people who would like to empower themsleves with ancestral wisdom and science-based knowledge to prepare for a normal physiological birth with awareness of all variabilities that could arise along the way.

movement, massage, mindfulness

birth education, natural pain coping tools

trauma-conscious care & prevention

birth vision, art inquiry, somatic practices

herbal remedies, nutrition

African American belly binding

rituals & traditions

Individual sessions or full circle package available

Sliding scale available & exchange welcome


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the underworld

'Womxn, especially Black and Brown womxn, have been born into and often live life in the underworld because of systems of oppression.'

Community Healing Circle

This is for us to be together in a safe and sacred space, to bring light into the shadows and support each other in finding the wisdom in our wounds, reconnecting to the transformative and creative power of our wombs, decolonizing our Body and mind, and nourishing our Soul.

wisdom sharing

movement & embodiment

storytelling, poetry, singing, journaling

ritual and self care practices


the return

'Creating new life and a new world requires that you remember your wholeness by acknowledging and integrating your darkness and light, and preparing your soil for planting new seeds.'

Return to Wholeness

an Online Journey

This is a safe and supportive space for those who have heard the call to reclaim the parts of yourself that may have been left in the dark because of systems of oppression, and are ready to reconnect to your inner source of power. With the intention of conceiving a new life, a creative project, or even a new being, from a place of self compassion and wholeness.

movement, meditation, breathwork,

ritual, herbal remedies,

art & writing inquiry,

community support, sharing circles,

guest speakers

and more...

coming soon.

"Ashley was genuine, informative, and gentle during my childbirth journey. She provided my partner and I with a calm and patient atmosphere while guiding us through different movements and provided support in any other ways that we needed. She worked with us for each session to clear up any myths and carefully explained any medical questions we'd had."

Ayanna B.